In a mildly shocking turn of events, the Jays moved Brett Cecil to AAA Las Vegas this afternoon with Chris freaking Woodward coming north.

Cecil is obviously out of sorts in a serious way, missing spots and lacking the usual sharpness in his offspeed pitches. Some (read: me) worried he was hiding an injury but now it seems like just good, old-fashioned crappy pitching.

With Morrow coming up Saturday to make his first start of the year, we can assume Jesse Litsch will return to take Cecil’s next turn in the rotation. If Cecil needs to improve his pitching mechanics or just straighten his head out, hopefully it won’t take too many minor league starts to get him back on track.

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  1. Unless a pitcher gets injured, isn’t Litsch required to remain in AAA for at least 10 days? I guess they could just skip Cecil’s turn in the rotation and replace him after that though.

  2. Hmmmm, I really hope Cecil comes into his own again, it was fun watching pitch last year. This year he looks like he’s almost forcing himself to throw heat, which completely messes with his location. By the way, Dustin Parkes should watch out, I heard he’s the leading suspect in a alleged larceny incident which resulted in the loss of a moustache to the defendant Snider, Travis.

  3. Does moving this many players up and down at the frequency the Jays are doing it affect the team or player morale at all? Just a thought.

  4. So much for the rotation being a strength. This season has been disastrous so far. I never expected to contend, but it seems like a lot of things are going wrong…

    At least JoBau still rules!

  5. The good news is, at least Morrow will be back this weekend. Really, he’s at least the second best pitcher on the team and has tons of room to get even better. That’ll be a big boost.

    I wonder if Brad Mills will get a shot. His line in Vegas this year: 3 GS, 22 IP, 0.82 ERA, 0.818 WHIP, 7 K/9, 2.5 BB/9.

  6. Let’s not count out Rzep either. There’s no reason he couldn’t make a spot start if needed.

  7. Carlos V making a spot start?

  8. Chris Woodward back on this team is, quite literally, a nightmare come true for me.

  9. I can’t imagine anyone but Litsch starting in Cecil’s place.

  10. I would like to see Mills get a start. I just hope he isn’t a AAAA pitcher. Seems like he has had good minor league numbers, even in the bandbox in Vegas, but has gotten lit up every time he pitches in the majors. Too early to write him off though obviously.

    Honestly, I don’t expect Cecil down for long. This is a guy who is expected to be a core member of this team for the next 5 years. They are going to send him down so he can work on his mechanics, arm angle, all that jazz, and as soon as he figures things out he will be recalled. Wouldn’t surprise me if he only makes 2 starts.

    Question for those who know more about contract situations: if Cecil was sent down for 20 days, does that affect his service time like it would for a rookie? Or has that ship sailed for him.

  11. call up Stewart to pitch 1 game before recalling Litsch…. Game is in Texas where he’s from, it will be a cool moment for him

  12. I really think Villanueva should start given his stuff and the fact that he’s been on fire this year. He would need to be stretched out a bit, but he has options so that’s not impossible to do. Just an ‘outside-the-box’ thought

  13. Jays should have cashed in on Cecil.. his numbers and success from last year for the most part didn’t match his peripherals.. With the depth coming most of it in arms, chances are Cecil would have been pushed out of the rotation when the likes of stewart, deck and alvarez come up…

    Jays should have sent him, Mastroianni and D’arnaud to StL for Rasmus.

  14. Villianueva is good until batters link on to his timing

    in a relief role his fastball is just good enough to prevent players from sitting on his change up, which is awesome..

    In a start, having to face the same batters 2 and 3 times would probably lose his effectiveness.

    If anything start Rzep

  15. Actually, the solution seems obvious. Hill will be placed on the DL and Litsch will be recalled. Woodward replaces Hill, Litsch replaces Cecil.

  16. @dc – I think the Cardinals would have been dumb to accept that trade. Rasmus has too much upside to trade for a decent pitcher and a couple of prospects. I would assume they would have expected at least Drabek AND Cecil to take the Jays’ offer seriously.

  17. Ah, I assumed that Litsch would only be allowed to be called up if another pitcher was injured. That makes sense though if Hill is headed to the DL.

  18. Hill has to be hurt enough to be placed on the DL though. Do we have proof he is? Other than the fact that it’s a hamstring strain, which usually is.

  19. This rotation as a whole has not made things easy for the Jays. In their last 4 losses, for example, they were down by 2-3 runs in the third inning. That’s not fun, night after night.

  20. What about Scott Richmond? Though I see Mills coming up for the Spot Start

  21. Cecil’s clearly having confidence issues, so I have no problem with sending him down rather than forcing him to get destroyed in Texas and New York.

    The Jays need to right a wrong with Litsch and bring him back, but if a spot start is all that’s needed either Mills or Richmond would be fine.

  22. Mills started last season very hot (better than this season) but quickly faded. I’m not too impressed by this decent start of his.

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