Startling Derek Jeter Revelations

In today’s Linkin’ Ballpark, I linked to an excerpt from a new book written by Ian O’Connor, titled The Captain: The Journey of Derek Jeter. The unauthorized Derek Jeter biography supposedly confirms everything we ever assumed but didn’t bother to actually look into and find out about the relationship between the Yankees shortstop and Alex Rodriguez, and then some.  The “then some” includes additional items about Jeter’s relationship with New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman that ESPN was kind enough to share in a recent article.

These additional revelations include Cashman playing bad cop during this offseason’s contract negotiations, Cashman taking Jeter aside after he glanced over at ARod after a bad play and Cashman buying Jeter a meal to talk to him about his declining defense. Riveting stuff.

Hopefully, the book will also reveal that:

  • Jeter was a big fan of Lost, but was disappointed with the finale.
  • Jeter loves it when he’s grocery shopping and a cash register opens up just as he’s ready to check out.
  • Jeter thinks that Minka Kelly is pretty.
  • Jeter preferred The Adjustment Bureau to Inception because it didn’t require as much “thinking.”
  • Jeter enjoys his steak medium rare.
  • Jeter can’t understand why the sandwiches not on McDonald’s extra value menu are so much more expensive than the ones that are on it.
  • Jeter uses Google to search for things online.
  • Jeter puts on his pants one leg at a time.
  • Jeter enjoys playing for the New York Yankees.

This is going to be some page turner.