Pardon this graph not having a title — That isn’t an accident. This graph displays the length each Jays starter went in games this season starting with Opening Day (1) and ending with yesterday’s game (21). The goal for you is to guess which Jays starter pitched the length they did in each box. I explain more in the paragraphs below. Enjoy!

First and foremost, Yogi Bear being in this graph does have significance. I’ve been lobbying for the Jays to hire Yogi Bear as their mascot but there’s only one problem — He’s not real. Well, that’s a lie (the first part, that is). But when Yogi Bear was created by Joseph Hanna & William Barbera, he quickly overtook Huckleberry Hound with his all-of-the-sudden popularity. If you think about it, that’s sort of what Kyle Drabek has done so far to the rest of the Jays rotation, right? Well, kind of.

So I took initiative in order to dissect what the Jays starters have done so far this year. The under .500 Blue Jays have been a bit disappointing on the pitching end of things and while their bullpen has been said to be “overused,” the graph shows that it hasn’t. That’s the point of this graph.

To be clearer with this, the numbers in the circles are game by game results by the starting pitchers this year with regard to innings pitched per start. Although innings pitched doesn’t mean much to a pitchers success, it would help to (as I said previously) outline what’s been done so far this year.

Dave Gershman is a columnist for Beyond the Box Score and Penn League Report. He’s a proud contributor to Getting Blanked. You can follow him on his Twitter Account @Dave_Gershman

NOTE FROM GERSH: As I looked over this, the Jays ‘pen HAS been overused quite a bit as they rank in the top 10 in bullpen innings pitched. However, the point of this graph is not how much or how little the Jays Bullpen has pitched. Thanks everybody for clearing this up.

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  1. while their bullpen has been said to be “overused,” the graph shows that it hasn’t.

    I’m confused by what you mean here. That graph shows that in half of their games so far, their starter hasn’t made it out of the 5th inning. To me, that reinforces the idea that their bullpen has been overused.

  2. I should have said this, but I didn’t — Only one of those starts had a pitcher go less than 5 innings. That was Jo-Jo Reyes. If this was stacked up against other teams, you’d be really surprised.

  3. wait, this graph shows that the bullpen hasn’t been overused? Looks to me that half of the time the pitchers go less than six innings. Also, there have been a high amount of extra inning games.

  4. Yup, I would say that “graph” shows exactly the opposite of what you said. Half the starts not making it through enough innings to qualify for a quality start would see like a fail, to me.

  5. Blue Jays have the sixth highest IP by relievers.

  6. While the graph is accurate and so is the information you have. It does a terrible job of conveying your point. FAIL.

  7. @Dustin is that a ML rank or AL rank?

  8. So 48% of the 21 starts plotted here have been for under 6 IP. At what point would this graph indicate whether the bullpen has been overused?

  9. didnt romero last only a couple of innings in Fenway? 18th I believe?

    The one factor that this chart ‘conveniently’ discludes is how many extra inning games have been played in the past 21 games – I believe it is 4 or 5…. as well, how many relievers pitched in set game (innings pitched is not a true determiner of being overworked, appearances do this better)

  10. A better graph to show how over utilized the bullpen has been might be to do the same sort of thing, but showing IP by relievers instead of starters.

  11. @Ike:

    Jays rank 2nd in MLB for relief appearances with 72, one behind the league leading Giants. The next highest AL team is the Royals with 64.

  12. Gershman’s designs succeed and fail on the strength of his drop shadows (that’s not a good thing).

  13. @Andre

    You’re right. Good advice.

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