Remember when the Texas Rangers won the World Series? No? You think the San Francisco Giants did it? Well, that’s because you were simply existing on a different plane of reality.

First, rumours about the God particle begin to emerge, and now this. The cracks are beginning to form, people. Our existence clearly isn’t what we think it is.

High particle collision to Arash Madani for the discovery.

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  1. the mayans were right.

  2. I don’t think anyone’s proofreading the AP recaps of Jays games this season. My favourite slip-up so far was their description of Adam Lind’s three-run non-homer in Boston. This sentence actually made it into the story:

    “The Blue Jays nearly took a 1-0 lead in the first when Adam Lind’s drive down the right field line was ruled a two-run homer by Nauert.”

  3. I’m pretty sure someone on the Sportsnet team mentioned this during the broadcast last night. I remember thinking “Do they give out World Series runner-up rings?”

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