This literally gave me goosebumps of embarrassment for everyone involved.

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  1. after watching this video I somehow have less friends.

  2. I have less vomit inside of me.

  3. Is that Kevin Towers on drums? Dear God.

  4. This is why Towers left NY. He had to be part of THIS.

  5. This is nice, something this graduating class will have to remember their final year of high school. Oh wait…

  6. The saddest part is how much work they put in to this, props, costumes, signs, choreography. my god this is emberrasing

  7. Isn’t this the second one of these by the D-Backs? I seem to remember seeing a dub from them before.

  8. YepHere it is…it’s so much worse

  9. This is horrible on 2 counts. 1) IT’S HORRIBLE!!!!! 2) I have Smashmouth stuck in my head now, which hasn’t happened since 1999, it was a great 12 years while it lasted…

  10. Looks like those immigration laws are working. Is it just me, or does everyone in this video look exactly the same?

  11. I get Randy Johnson and Luis Gonzalez, but who are the other two mascots?

  12. A band that no one is sure even exists anymore, a song that people hate, and a bunch of people who no one would ever recognize. It all equals to internet gold!

    That’s how you go viral! Major League Baseball teams know digital.

  13. What do the people of Arizona think of this debacle?

    Surely they can’t be entertained by this hot-garbage or think it’s impressive.

  14. This somehow managed to be worse than the song that two classmates and I performed at school in 1992 about the Blue Jays set to the music of “Lithium”.

  15. I don’t know what you guys are talking about. I thought it was pretty neat-o.

  16. D-Backs? More like D-Bags!

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