Roger McDowell Is A Gem

As much as I despise the idea of siding with publicity manipulator Gloria Allred on any issue whatsoever, I’m finding it a little more ethically questionable to defend Roger McDowell from her claims that the Atlanta Braves pitching coach acted incredibly inappropriately at a recent game in San Francisco.

Allred called a press conference to speak out against McDowell’s actions which included uttering “shocking gay slurs” and making “vulgar sexual gestures” with a baseball bat in front of, among others, nine-year-old twins. The parents and the twins themselves joined Allred, with the father demonstrating, I’m not kidding here, exactly what McDowell did with a baseball bat that was so offensive.

Ugh. Classy.

According to witnesses, McDowell yelled at three Giants supporters in the bleachers, asking, “Are you a gay threesome?” before getting friendly with the baseball bat in the manner presented above. When the father of the twins vocally protested the pitching coach’s language and gestures, McDowell allegedly said “Kids don’t belong at the [Getting Blanked] ballpark,” and threatened the dad, asking “How much do you think your teeth are worth?”

I’m sure that with attendance down a little bit from a year ago, MLB won’t care about this little incident at all.

And to think, it used to be that when fans upset players, they’d only spit at you from behind bushes after the game.