Earlier today, I linked to Jose Reyes mysteriously being called out on a triple in which he was clearly safe. However wrong, at least the umpire could claim that he thought the Mets shortstop’s hand came off the base. No such excuse exists for home plate umpire Derryl Cousins who called Chone Figgins out on this play at home plate. Surprisingly, the Seattle Mariners didn’t need the extra run as they went on to beat the Detroit Tigers 10-1.

Good thing MLB has no plans to implement video replay on safe/out calls.

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  1. Why not just have the bases light up red and green for safe and out!

    Seriously though, umpires miss calls, they are human…. as long as they aren’t doing it intentionally I have no problem with the human error element of officiating in sports… I think its an important dramatic element of the game..

  2. with calls like that and the reyes call, you have to wonder if it is intentional

  3. I know your tongue was planted in your cheek, Travis, but you sound like Damien Cox on Jose Bautista.

    I mean, someone’s got to ask the question, right?

  4. haha, yeah, i was clearly exaggerating. those calls were just extraordinarily bad

  5. @ TheRickyRomeroExperience Tell that to Armando Galarraga.

  6. If that Reyes call isn’t the best possible evidence that there needs to be a manager’s challenge – or SOMETHING – introduced into the game for boneheaded umpiring mistakes, I don’t know what is.

  7. shock collars for missed calls, just sayin

  8. @ mr. wenn As I said, an important dramatic element of a baseball game. That play was one of the most dramatic scenes of the entire season.

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