Allow me to please list all of the things wrong with this:

  1. What precisely is “hipster” about these panties?
  2. What fan wants to have the logo of their favourite team in close proximity to their genitalia?
  3. Like I’d ever be interested in getting far enough with a Detroit Tigers fan to see her underwear.
  4. Wouldn’t people in Detroit rather spend their $10.50 on a three bedroom home?
  5. Assuming the person wearing these wishes to be seen in them, don’t you think the phrase printed on the back might send the wrong message to a prospective partner regarding the wearer’s expectations in the moments following their reveal?
  6. What kind of man really wants to be reminded of Victor Martinez shortly after seeing women’s underwear?
  7. Isn’t this kind of insulting to female baseball fans?

Respectfully declining panty raids on @NoRunSupport for bringing my attention to MLB’s sleazier brand of licensed apparel.

Comments (15)

  1. Perhaps the way they sit on a ladies hips, makes it hipster…..or perhaps not.

  2. In true hipster style, I was being ironic.

  3. That’s a brutal attempt at a pun on their part, and as you said, a poor location. I’d say it’s more suited for a t-shirt, but it’s just so lame that it shouldn’t be printed anywhere.
    These are stupid.

    PS: Yeah, I said “lame.”

  4. 3.Like I’d ever be interested in getting far enough with a Detroit Tigers fan to see her underwear.


  5. Three for $25.50? That’s just a good deal.

  6. These are NOT genuine #rallypanties™.
    Accept no substitutes, loser.

  7. Will there be a on air performance today after the day game? Or are you two saving it for another day?

  8. ‘Lame’ is a very underrated word. Also, you’d be surprised at the hotness of some Tigers’ fans. Being from Windsor, I see it often. Unfortunately, these would probably immediately steer me in a different direction. LAAAAAMMMEE

  9. Better version:

    ’3RD BASE’ listed on the front

    ‘PITCH IN THE DIRT’ listed on the back.

    I’ll show myself out.

  10. Dugout
    Batter’s Eye
    Diving Stab

  11. Oh, and “Worm Burner.”

    That is all. I’ll stop now.

  12. “Safe by a mile”

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