Texas Rangers prospect Engel Beltre has been suspended indefinitely after the 21 year old outfielder threw a trash can into a group of fans on Tuesday night during an especially heated (and I ain’t talkin’ ’bout the weather) Double A Texas League game in San Antonio.

Like any writer worth his salt, news of the trash receptcale being sent skyward inspired me to come up with a list of the top ten things ever thrown at baseball games. Now, if only the capability to exhibit my list in a slide show existed. I guess I’ll just have to make do with what’s available.

10) Punches from Nolan Ryan to Robin Ventura.

9) Popcorn from my five year old sister’s mid game snack onto the green AstroTurf at the SkyDome circa 1990. My entire family went to a baseball game in those corner seats down the third baseball game where you have to crank your neck the entire time to watch any of the action. I suppose my little sister assumed she could treat the stadium like it was a Provincial Park and dump her garbage wherever she pleased because midway through the game she dumped the unwanted contents of her leftover popcorn pieces into left field.

8) Chairs by Frank Francisco.

7) Fastballs by Aroldis Chapman.

6) A back kick to the catcher.

5) Baseball bats by Delmon Young.

4) All semblance of sanity out the window by Jose Offerman.

3) Ceremonial first pitches by Mariah Carey in Japan.

2) Pizza. A personal favourite.

1) Baseball games by the 1919 Chicago White Sox, the 1918 Chicaco Cubs, and pretty much every other team during that time.

And I didn’t even have to include underboobs from baseball WAGs.

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