The Podcast Returns

Although our conversations may be a little bit dated after today’s surprising news, it still gives me great pleasure to present to you: our return to the podcasting scene.

Please enjoy our first episode of The Getting Blanked Podcast. Armed with the vocal stylings and baseball minds of myself, Andrew Stoeten and Drew Fairservice, we go through the state of the Toronto Blue Jays after twenty games, then speak with Ted Berg from about the Mets, Yankees and sandwiches, before sharing ideas on playoff expansion and what surprises the rest of the season will bring us. It’s sort of like pouring honey in your ears if there were taste buds in there.

To download for MP3 players and the like, right click or ctrl click here and “save link as.”

Mint Musical Interludes courtesy of The Constantines and Arts & Crafts Records. You can celebrate homonyms and buy everything you hear here.

Track List:

If you liked what you hear on the podcast, support the bands that are kind enough to let us use their music.

Comic courtesy of Matt English. Give him a follow on Twitter and tell him how cool his illustrations are.

Comments (12)

  1. Ha. That drawing is incredible. Good job, Matt.

  2. Matt’s stuff is very cool.

  3. Gonna be an RSS feed?

  4. that comic is gold

  5. Awesome! This makes me happy. Although Stoeten and Fairservice aren’t very audible

  6. Also… LOVE the Timber Timbre. One of my favourite Toronto acts.

  7. Poscast! Less you guys, more baseball. Be baseball. For the sound, you could get your voices proper before trying to be a DJ for CKLN all over my computer. Yes, I am complaiing about the tunes.

  8. Boners up! Missed this. Awesome to have it back even without the swears.

  9. great podcast, even better tracklist. Bummed that my 2 favourite bands (Cons and LCD) are both no more.

  10. Possible future topic: Hunger

  11. Can barely hear stotes and drew.

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