Here’s a section of our live stream from yesterday that was sort of overshadowed by the whole Travis Snider being sent down to Triple A Las Vegas thing. In the clip, Andrew Stoeten and I discuss John Farrell’s efforts so far as manager of the Toronto Blue Jays, and we both agree that there’s no such thing as a grace period when it comes to being in charge of a Major League Baseball team.

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  1. I think it`s fair to evaluate JF`s moves, I just think it`s too early to evaluate his philosophy. I think we`re still learning it and I think he is too. I think he is learning about Dotel – just though he could squeak Moreland by him then retire five righties that followed. I`d bet next time he keeps Rzep in that game.

    But on Rzep, I am a bit disappointed. When he comes into a close game, there`s not point in pulling him – leave him in for two or three innings, or until he struggles or we`ve won it. The fact that he`s becoming a LOOGY is aggravating.

    My sense is that Farrell might prove to be too “old style” and that we`ll be clamoring for Dave Martinez in no time, especially in light of the massive beard he`s bringing to the table.

  2. Cito didn’t make moves. Farrell makes poor ones.

    I’ll take Cito.

  3. When Farrell makes good moves, the Jays are way more fun to watch than they ever were under Cito.

    I’ll take Farrell and allow him some more time to learn the job properly. Talk about this again in August and I may think very differently.

  4. It’s king of mind boggling that after a very long managerial search and after passing up the obvious internal candidate (Butterfield), the Blue Jays emerged with a manager who doesn’t apply sound baseball strategy. If the process had been shorter, the fans might assume that the current manager is just a caretaker anyway mostly there to help with the grooming of young players and probably move on once the team gets serious about contending. As it is, you have to figure that Farrell will be here for awhile and it’s sad to see that strategically, he’s only marginally superior to Cito and probably considerably worse than John Gibbons.

  5. Stoeten is reminding me of Silent Bob. Without the silent bit.

  6. The Jays have played their opening day roster once this season. You have to expect that Farrell is going to push the envelope and make some bad gambles with career bench players like Woodward, McCoy, Nix and McDonald in the lineup all the time.

    I think he’s learned now that he can’t use Dotel against a lefty late in a game.

  7. definetely okay to critique Farrell at this point… I meant realistically, he should have know before the season started that Dotel should NEVER face lefties..

    I mean no offense to Stoeten or Parkes, but you guys figured it out, the casual blog commenters have it figured out, its not rocket surgery or some new stat everyone wants to say is wrong because they don’t understand it. Its simple fuckin splits and it has cost the Jays 2 games already.

  8. “Dotel should NEVER face lefties..”

    Have to love the fact that people spouting this same refrain to castigate Farrell are also more likely spouting SSS warnings left, right and center for anything else. Has anyone stopped patting themselves on the back long enough to actually looked at Dotel’s splits for his career against lefties or is it just more fun to cherry pick stats to prove a point? What is more relevant, 200+ PA or 1570+ PA? Now it could be that he is toast against lefties but don’t pretend that you know for sure based on 200+ PA or that Farrell is an idiot.

  9. Octavio Dotel’s career stats are pretty irrelevant, though, because the velocity on his fastball has dropped significantly from only a few years ago.

  10. Wow Hodgie, give your self a pat on the back for going against the grain, fucking tool

    OPS+ vs RHB- 86
    OPS+ vs LHB -119

    SO/BB VS RHB- 3.87
    SO/BB VS LHB- 1.78

    Yah thats what I thought, now what do you have to say you fuckin asshat

  11. So the 0.4 MPH drop in average fastball velocity was worth a .200+ point jump in OPS against from 2007 to 2008-2009? That is quite the supposition when it didn’t affect his performance against RHB in the least during that same time frame.

    Like I said, maybe he really is done against LHB but given his career history no-one can say definitively based on 200+ PA. Just because people may weigh the history differently does not mean that it or the resulting platoon splits are being ignored and that assumption along with the accompanying declarations of idiocy are just, well idiotic.

  12. While Dotel’s velocity has dropped 2 MPH since 2007 (and 5 MPH since he entered the league), there is also more to pitching than velocity. It’s possible that he simply doesn’t have the same movement or life on his fastball anymore, making it easy for lefty hitters to clobber or to lay off (and take walks).

    Either way, he’s been awful against lefties for several seasons now and wasn’t exactly that good against them to begin with (he’s always had significant splits). When you have as many good relievers as the Jays have, there’s really no reason to push him into situations that he likely won’t succeed.

  13. ^Like Farrell did again today.

  14. “Yah thats what I thought, now what do you have to say you fuckin asshat”

    How could there be anything to say after such an insightful and thoughtful rebuke. You truly are a scholar and a gentleman.

  15. One point of clarification before I forget dc, although obviously being the intellect that you are I am sure you were already aware of this next fact. The OPS+ numbers you highlighted above in your articulate rebuttal are completely misleading and actually represent Dotel’s tOPS+, you know, the ratio representing his career OPS against LHB when compared to his overall career OPS. Stay classy.

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