The Great One’s Kid Rakes

As a Canadian baseball blogger, it’s my sworn duty to mention anything that ever mixes hockey and baseball. I have no idea why wearing boots with knives on a large sheet of slippery frozen water while slapping a piece of hard rubber with composite clubs is so popular up here (I tease (not really)), but I’ll take what I can get when the two vastly different sports mingle.

Which is why news of Wayne Gretzky’s son going 5 for 5, hitting for the cycle and knocking in nine runs in a high school baseball game is kind of interesting in the same way that Will Farrell on The Office is kind of funny.

While the game was a 22-3 rout for Trevor Gretzky’s team, his performance was no fluke. The Great Son has already committed to play baseball at San Diego State under Hall of Famer Tony Gwynn. Gretzky’s commitment was seen as a score for Gwynn considering that the recruit was also approached by powerhouse rivals USC and Cal Poly Pomona.

Graduation cap toss to @iamDMo and Yahoo!’s Prep Rally blog for the story.