The half way mark is probably as good of a time as any to begin taking a hit streak in Major League Baseball seriously, and of course by half way, I mean 28 games, which is exactly half of Joe DiMaggio’s incredible 56 straight games with a hit. At least at that point, the batter has proven himself actually able to get a hit in 28 straight games, something he would need to repeat, and something that has been done less than 100 players in MLB history.

Yesterday afternoon, Andre Ethier recorded a hit for the 27th straight game with a 7th inning single off Dustin Moseley. In any other ballpark, the hit likely would’ve been called an error as the ball that the Dodgers right fielder hit went off the glove of San Diego Padres first baseman Brad Hawpe as he tried to backhand it behind the bag. It’s the second longest streak by a Dodger since the club relocated to Los Angeles in 1958, five shy of Willie Davis’ franchise record 31 games with a hit in 1969.

Twenty-seven games is great and all, but Ethier still has nine more games to go before he even cracks the top ten hit streaks in Major League Baseball history. Speaking of which, here they are in order:

  1. Joe DiMaggio New York Yankees 56 1941
  2. Willie Keeler Baltimore Orioles 45 (44) 1896–97
  3. Pete Rose Cincinnati Reds 44 1978
  4. Bill Dahlen Chicago Colts 42 1894
  5. George Sisler St. Louis Browns 41 1922
  6. Ty Cobb Detroit Tigers 40 1911
  7. Paul Molitor Milwaukee Brewers 39 1987
  8. Jimmy Rollins Philadelphia Phillies 38 (36) 2005–06
  9. Tommy Holmes Boston Braves 37 1945
  10. Gene DeMontreville Washington Senators 36 1896–97

The last hit streak to go longer than Ethier’s current run was Ryan Zimmerman’s 30 games in 2009. The longest streak of the last decade, not in the top ten, belongs to Chase Utley (2006) and Luis Castillo (2002) who reached 35 straight games.

Another interesting thing about the hit streak is that DiMaggio also owns the second highest mark in Minor League Baseball history when he went 61 games in a row with a hit in the Pacific Coast League in 1933.

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