When you read or listen to Curt Schilling’s incendiary¬†words it’s important to remember that the former pitcher is basically on an everlasting audition for FOX News. In fact, if I was a producer for a program on SUN TV in Canada, I’d be calling Schilling up daily.

On Osama Bin Laden being given a proper Muslim burial at sea:

I’m pissed because I can’t fathom why we would honor the Muslim traditions for a guy who Muslims have been telling us for 10 years doesn’t represent the true Muslim faith. And our government has been telling us the same thing.

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  1. Wait – so pinko liberal NDP supporters don’t agree with Curt’s stance?!

  2. i think daniel is calling you a pinko dustin

  3. Or just don’t want to incite violence.

  4. Have you not seen my coiffure? I’m 20 years from Harper hair.

  5. What’s the alternative here? Should they have a parade with the body? It shows weakness of character to not desecrate a corpse? This is just rage for the sake of it, there’s no ideological argument here.

  6. How about a post about the uber-patriotism we can expect at ballparks in the coming days?
    I don’t really understand Curt’s point here. Who ever argues Christian fundamentalists should not be given a traditional funeral?

  7. Curt doesn’t have a point. He’s a goddamned moron and a partisan of the worst sort. The military action to kill OBL could have gone down exactly as it did, note for note, with Bush as Prez, and Schilling would have been lapping it up.

    That Schilling has revealed himself to be such a monumental douchebag makes me regret having one iota of excitement over their 2004 wins in the ALCS and WS.

  8. Burying him at sea, instead of land, doesn’t give anyone a “shrine” who might have been a supporter of his. It also looks better to the international press. There are times Curt should just shut his mouth, well most of the times that he opens it.

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