Unfortunately, I think we’ll have to use Getting Streamed On as our unofficial title. For your viewing pleasure, it’s the half hour where we talk about the Blue Jays and answer your tweets in its entirety:

Look mom, no moustache.

Let us know if you prefer us uploading the whole half hour, or if you’d prefer to just watch the highlights.

Comments (8)

  1. It’d be great if you guys could post a mp3 of just the audio for commuters. Like a mini-podcast.

  2. Wow, Kelly Johnson put up a 6 WAR in 2010.

  3. Good idea on the podcast. I also prefer the full half hour.

  4. Definitely post the whole thing.

  5. I prefer the full thing. I also prefer the no mustache idea.

  6. Full half hour for sure, keep up the quality work guys!

  7. Thanks guys. I’ll see what we can do with supplying an MP3 of this stuff too.

  8. Love the whole 1/2 hour – more please

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