The Good Riddance Note Of The Day

A year in a half after the Toronto Blue Jays signed Vernon Wells to a 7 year contract worth $126 million, the team also extended the contract of Alex Rios by 7 years for just under $70 million. Three years later, neither player is on the Blue Jays roster, and more importantly, neither player is owed any more money by the organization that agreed to their deals.

After 120 plate appearances so far this season with the Los Angeles Angels, Vernon Wells has the worst weighted on base average (wOBA), while Alex Rios ranks fifth worst. Among MLB regulars, both players rank among the five worst in on base percentage, batting average, and weighted runs created. They are tied for creating -0.6 runs above replacement so far this season.

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  1. I derive no pleasure from seeing Wells struggling.

  2. poor guys…
    Thanks to the miraculous dumbass decisions of two general managers the two worst reminders of the Ricciardi era are gone.
    Not counting Bautista (which was a fluke) the best player from the Ricciardi legacy on the current team is Arencibia. That’s pathetic.
    Go Vote!

  3. @stubbs uh, what? Romero? Lind? And the fact that AA chose to trade a terrific pitcher like Marcum is hardly an insult to Ricciardi.

  4. In terms of roster building, Ricciardi wasn’t bad. In every single other aspect of being a GM, however, the man was a train-wreck

  5. A few other players from Ricciardi era: Rickey Romero, Adam Lind, Aaron Hill…all more accomplished than Arencibia.

    Anyways, I could care less about Rios, as that’s the attitude he seems to have on the field, but I do wish Wells well, he may have under performed since he’s been off the steroids, but he at least made an effort.

  6. “but I do wish Wells well, he may have under performed since he’s been off the amphetamines, but he at least made an effort.”

    There, fixed it for you.

  7. I should have articulated my statement better but I meant how each player represented Ricciardi’s decisions, not who is the best overall player. I love Romero but didn’t count him because of the Tulo thing. Lind was a great pick but because he was drafted 83rd overall I look more towards luck than drafting ability on Riccardi’s part. As for Hill, I’m with most fans in keeping up the whole he’s in a slump thing, but how long can the suck go on before we decide he’s not part of the future. Basically, because of the college philosophy, looking at Ricciardi’s most record you see a whole lot of mediocrity and the occaisonal fluke.
    Also, would anyone seriously rather have Hill than Arencibia right now?

  8. Brock2, aka Bill James old spreadsheet projection system thinks Hill is toast. About 450 more PAs, 300 this year (hitting reasonably – injury?) and then sucking over limited time the next 2 years. I think his future is elsewhere, as a utility infielder (on a good team, or starter on a bad team.)

  9. stubbs,

    The Wells contract probably cannot be laid at just Ricciardi’s feet, I believe that there was serious pressure from Godfrey on that one.

    Ricciardi put together teams that for the most part did ok in then AL East. Things could have been a lot worse (see Baltimore).

    Grabbing Scott Downs was another good Ricciardi move too.

  10. I was happy as anyone that AA got rid of Wells, but I do feel bad to see him playing so poorly and probably hearing it from the fans in LA.
    As for Rios, he can go fuck himself. His shitty performance thus far, derives me much pleasure.

  11. we need vern to play well so riggins will take rivera off our hands.

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