Minnesota Twins starter Francisco Liriano threw the first no hitter of the 2011 season tonight against the Chicago White Sox.

It wasn’t your typical dominant no-hit performance, as Liriano walked six batters, struck out two and depended on his defense for three double plays. In fact, his in-game fielding independent pitching numbers were actually worse than that of the opposing starter Edwin Jackson (5.84 vs. 3.88 xFIP) who only allowed one run from a solo home run off the bat of Jason Kubel. Jackson, of course, threw a no hitter of his own last summer against the Tampa Bay Rays.

In total, Liriano faced 30 batters, threw 122 pitches (only 65 for strikes) in the 95th start of his career and first complete game. On pitches that were hit in play, he gave up eight ground balls, eight fly balls, two line drives and three infield fly balls.

This tweet from almost three weeks ago is a little bit haunting considering Liriano’s line on the night:

While the results may be impressive, there are plenty of reasons to not be enthused by his performance tonight, which included more walks than any other start this season. In many ways, the numbers show that Liriano was lucky to get the win let alone the 270th no hitter in Major League Baseball history.

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  1. Hopefully this will lead Gardy to back off of him a little even if it was a questionable no-hitter. I swear he’s going to ruin an outstanding pitcher with this “pitch to contact” nonsense. You’re encouraging your pitcher to give up hits for eff sake

  2. a no hitter is a no hitter but against the chicago white sox is not much of a acomplishment considering how terrible this team is they dont even look like there trying expect ozzie guilen to be fired any time now.

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