Imagine your favourite team loses its best player to free agency in the offseason, then injury takes away its next best player after only two games, then one of the players specifically acquired to make up for the offense that was lost to free agency retires from baseball. Even in April, most teams would have a hard time rebounding from such losses.

But not the Tampa Bay Rays. Instead of crying over spilled milk, they went to the fridge and got even better tasting milk from a superior mammal. First the legend of Sam Fuld is unleashed on baseball fans, then Johnny Damon goes on a tear and wins the AL Player of the Week, then James Shields allows only a single run in reeling off back to back complete game victories and winning another AL Player of the Week, then Ben Zobrist follows suit by winning another of the weekly awards while hitting two home runs, knocking in ten runs, scoring five of his own while going 7-for-10 all in one day at the plate (granted over a double header).

So, given the team’s recent run of success in the face of adversity, it almost doesn’t seem fair that tonight, Tampa Bay’s star player, Evan Longoria returns to the lineup after missing 26 games. Over the last two seasons, Longoria gave the Rays 14.2 wins above replacement, putting together a .884 OPS with 150 extra base hits. ¬†Adding this guy to a team that’s gone 14-5 in its last 19 games is like wrapping dynamite around a missile.

In order to make room for Longoria, the Rays have designated Felipe Lopez for assignment. He’ll have to clear waivers in order to get sent down to Triple A.

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  1. What? Did they Rays not have somebody with options to send down instead? Isn’t that the best way to make decisions?

  2. WOW the jays lineup looks pathetic tonight.. Davis-Patterson 1-2..
    Reyes on the mound.


  3. It’s going to be a long night.

  4. No Bautista + Reyes + Longoria = Loss

  5. Parkes, I think I’ll watch basketball.

  6. This has got to be it for Reyes, right? Options or not it’s got to be win or fuck off.

  7. Here’s the thing with Reyes.. and I was extremely vocal on wondering why the fuck they put him in the rotation to begin with.. however if you do see something in him and you do think there is potential.. should you not give him a legitimate shot..

    I mean the idea that he’s good enough to make the team, turn purcey in to an Oakland A, jesse litsch in to a 51 and turn Rzepcysnki in to a Loogy, but he’s not good enough to give more than a month to is pretty ridiculous..

    My vote would have been to never give him a starting job, however since they did, they should stick with him and give him more than a month of looks

  8. dc,

    the team has a limited # of starts to hand out in a season. they currently have 1 mlb SP in vegas (cecil), one top prospect SP on the cusp (stewart), one historically effective SP in the bullpen (rzepczynski), and two valuable, MLB-ready SP arms that deserve another look (richmond, mills).

    giving reyes more looks than he deserves just because you already chose to give him too many starts just further compounds the problem.

  9. And also Jesse Litsch.

  10. That’s quite the Kentucky Waterfall Longoria’s sporting.

  11. North York Jays….

    In one word.. no.

    cecil has lost his mojo, as well as his command, the guys putting up crooked numbers in vegas, he wont be back any time soon,

    Stewart has never surpassed 136 innings in a season, and they have him working on mechanical issues in NH. So is he really someone that we can rely on this year? Next year sure, but he may not have the arm strength built up since they switched him from a reliever to be a major leaguer

    Rzep isn’t stretched out, they would have to send him down to stretch him back out, possibly losing him off the roster for 6-8 weeks.

    and richmond, mills.. HA

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