Despite what Pat Tabler may want to tell you over and over again during each and every Toronto Blue Jays game being broadcast on Rogers Sportsnet, getting to third base with two out is not much of a value add (run expectancy increase of .029), especially considering the cost of attempting to do so.

There’s an old adage in baseball that’s probably actually accurate for once: you don’t want to be the third out of an inning at third base.

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  1. but, but, but… it puts pressure on the pitcher!

  2. And creates chaos with the infielders!

  3. and, and, it gets the WHOLE team involved in the game. Even Adam Lind and Juan Rivera who would otherwise not be involved at all!

    Seriously, I’m getting really tired of them jizzing their pants every time someone gets on base…they need something else to talk about.

  4. AND its gets them closer to the fans. And really, isnt it all about the fans?

  5. I can tolerate anything coming out of Pat’s mouth as long is it not the word ‘strong’.

  6. Haha. I noticed that last night too.

  7. Remember, hitters=strong, pitchers=athletic.

  8. @Joel I know what you mean. Pat was all over how “big and shtrong!” those Tampa Bay guys are. He really got excited by the tree-like legs of a pitcher. He must have nightmares of big, strong pitchers with trees for legs throwing 105 mph fastballs at him.

  9. I’ll tell you another one. “Golden Glove” How many times did we have to hear about Adrian Beltre’s Golden Glove when the Jays were in Texas? Then Eric Chavez. Now Longoria. Ugggggg. Oh well, at least Toronto’s HD cameras are exceptional. Anyone else notice this? The shoulder cams that Rogers stocks throughout the infield while the Jays are on the road are superb. Then when they switch to the stadium pitcher cam it looks like it has reverted back to SD/VHS/Beta footage. It’s one of those things that we take for granted while we are too busy bitching about other things Rogers isn’t doing right.

  10. The Trop really does have incredibly bad cameras. I can’t begin to imagine how bad it must look in SD.

  11. jays looking for a closer ?? they have one in their backyard now, BRANDON MORROW ??

  12. Before the Texas game last night, Pat said that Darvish’ whip of 1.58 was good. I thought under 1.50 was good and anything over was not. I’m confused

  13. why does Pat Tabler and Buck continue to talk about A ROD”S accomplishments and how great he was ????????

    He is a cheat and probably has CHEATED his whole career and still will not atmit it !!!!!

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