After today’s get away game in Tampa Bay and ahead of the upcoming home series against the Detroit Tigers, we should have more than a fair share of Blue Jays stuff to talk about.

Check out our live stream at the conclusion of this afternoon’s game.

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Hopefully, no foul balls get hit into our area while we’re streaming.

Comments (5)

  1. who has been the biggest plus for the Jays and who has been the biggest let down so far .

  2. Jose BautistaTravis Snider

  3. Jose Bautista/Brett Cecil – though Cecil is more heart breaking than disappointing I guess

  4. I’m happy to see Adam Lind hit like the Adam Lind that hit again, and also disappointed in the play of Edwin Encarnacion so far. I expected more from him. I suppose I didn’t really have a whole lot of reason (healed wrist), but disappointed none the less.

  5. Yeah, Edwin was a close second for me in the disappointment department. Atrocious in the field and maddeningly inconsistent at the plate, showing no home run power as well. I thought at least that he would be a consistent RBI provider.
    And for the record, I’m not personally disappointed in Snider – indifferent really – I wrote that for everybody else’s benefit!

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