Anytime a game lasts until 2:45 in the morning, things are going to get a little bit crazy, and I’m not even talking about Daisuke Matsuzaka making his first ever relief appearance. Last night’s Los Angeles Angels / Boston Red Sox tilt took over seven hours to complete, including a two and a half hour rain delay and four extra innings.

It eventually became all too much for FOX Sports West broadcasters Mark Gubicza and Victor Rojas, who were forced to draw the game to a close by putting on rally masks. And not just any rally masks, we’re talking luchador rally masks. Perhaps most impressive was that shortly after donning the masks, Bobby Abreu hit a two run single that eventually stood up to win the game for the Angels.

The two teams are scheduled to end their series with a matinee game this afternoon, with the first pitch scheduled for 1:35 PM.

Lucha libre style tag to Larry Brown Sports.