Here’s a section of our live stream from yesterday in which Andrew Stoeten and I talk a little about the difference between the Blue Jays front office which makes trades and signings that benefit the future, and the Blue Jays clubhouse, which seems to be focused more on winning now. Have these two mentalities come into conflict, or can they peacefully coexist? It’s like The Real World.

And if you’re not sick of us, here’s the rest of the live stream with some more talk about Anthopoulos and the differences between fans’ perception of him and what he’s actually done as GM of the Blue Jays.

For your listening pleasure, you can also check out what we had to say here:

Or download an MP3 version of yesterday’s chat and listen to it later, by right clicking or ctrl clicking here.

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  1. I get that you guys aren’t exactly as polished as Kornheiser and Wilbon, but seriously get rid of the ipads. Love watching these streams but i want to reach through my screen and smash them over your heads when you guys are constantly looking at them.

  2. What a difference a clean shaven Stoeten looks. Sorta miss the grizzly adams look though.

  3. Thanks for posting the mp3, it made my commute to work much more enjoyable this morning!

  4. Glad to help, JRock.

    @Chris: If you can think of another way for us to get the questions and comments, I’m all ears.

  5. My theory on why Farrell has used Dotel equally against righties and lefties, is that it is Farrell’s managerial style to give players chances despite what their track record pre-Farrell tells him. So Farrell will let Dotel face both, and once Dotel proves he cannot get lefties out (which we all know is true) Farrell will only use him as a ROOGY. Kind of a “I will give you a chance to prove yourself and what happened elsewhere doesn’t matter” approach.

    I am not advocating that this is a good approach, but people who believe in intangibles and “doing right by the player”, and all that bullshit might see value in it. I lean more towards the “putting your players in positions to best set them up for success” approach, and putting Dotel in against lefties with his track record is compeltely contrary to this approach.

  6. Possible suggestion – select the questions and comments before going on webcast. By the time you go on air you’ll most likely have enough q’s/comments to fill up the 30min segment.

  7. I think the Mullet has it right if you want to look as polished as you can. But I kind of like the randomness you have going with the current format.

  8. Yeah, I’m not really a fan of the pre questions. I like that there’s an element of interaction. We could possibly bring someone in to pop into the frame and give us the questions.

  9. I do enjoy the interaction part of it. Maybe the first half of the segment have a few questions already in line that you can talk in length about then the second half or so, go through some rapid fire Q&A. Either way, each Getting Streamed On (love that title by the way) is getting better and better.

  10. Although as of this Getting Streamed on I have switched to mp3, but in the previous episodes I didn’t mind the ipads. I thought it kept things casual and as Parkes said, allowed for more interaction. It also allowed them to know about the breaking Travis Snider news.

    I vote for keeping the ipads. At least you aren’t trying to use an idiotic touch screen monitor like Evan Soloman on CBC’s election night coverage. Wow what a waste of public money that thing is.

  11. If the ipads are what’s keeping you two from becoming Kornheiser and Wilbon than by all means keep the ipads.

  12. I like the use of the iPad, until it won’t connect and Stoeten is fiddling with it the whole time, other than that, love the way you guys are always reacting to tweets.

  13. I don’t mind the iPads and I like the live feel. Keep up the great work.

    And how many plaid shirts does Stoeten own? I’m imagining a closet much like Pee Wee Herman where instead of grey suits, there are thousands of tartan collared shirts.

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