Death From Above: Milton Bradley

As predicted by Dave Cameron from USS Mariner, Milton Bradley has been designated for assignment by the Seattle Mariners.

Put simply: the Mariners are not a good team, they don’t plan on being a good team in the near future, Bradley doesn’t fit into their future plans for success, Bradley and his .669 OPS over 115 plate appearances doesn’t make Seattle better now or later.

The team is still on the hook to pay Bradley $12 million whether or not he suits up for the team ever again, but at the very least, we now have a verdict in the Carlos Silva for Milton Bradley trade ahead of the 2010 season. It appears as though Silva’s 2.1 WAR at the cost of $15.25 million for the Chicago Cubs narrowly beats out Bradley’s -0.4 WAR contribution at a $30 million cost for the Mariners.

Earlier today, the Mariners also designated Ryan Langerhans to make room on the 40 man roster for Mike Wilson.

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  1. Jays should sign him. What could go wrong?

    What’s that you say…everything?

  2. Why would anyone ever take a chance on this guy? This guy makes Carl Everett look normal.

  3. My dream outfield: Bradley, Milledge and Dukes.

  4. Why release him though if you have to pay him??

    I would make him the bullpen catcher or something

  5. I’m not so sure that the MLBPA would be on board with that.

  6. Can you guys do a story or post on other players who were DFA’d or released for being crazy? Now that would be some fun reading.

  7. I like Dustin’s thinking but want to take it a couple steps further: What is the all-time hothead team?
    There might be some difficulty in differentiating the true hotheads from the more common prick, but I think it would be very worthwhile.
    Keep in mind the most telling attributes of a prick are taking our your frustrations on the Gatorate holder after a crappy at bat, as well as charging the mound on a pitch that wasn’t deliberately aimed at the head.
    I’m pretty sure Milton Bradley qualifies as an all-timer.

    • I think Delmon Young gets on the all time list for the bat toss. Francisco’s chair throw was pretty good. Wally Backman obviously manages the team. And Jose Offerman! I sense a post coming.

  8. Those telling attributes were supposed to for a hothead, instead of a prick. Then, I realized I was confused and there is no difference at all between hotheads and pricks in baseball or life. Someone can be a prick without being a hothead, but if they are a hothead they must also be a prick. By this thinking, I think Jeff Kent definitely qualifies.

  9. Make no mistake, if his OPS was .900 he’d still be playing. This had as much to do with baseball as him being crazy. The crazy likely just accelerated it.

  10. If everyone else in the clubhouse wore earplugs, would Milton Bradley play better?

  11. Off the top of the head, a list of guys I wouldn’t want to go to the bar with:


    Also: Luke Scott, Bradley, John Frascatore, Clemens, Ventura, Phillips

  12. Or if we want to get historical, we could mix in a Cobb here, a Hornsby there, an Enos Slaughter wherever. That’d get interesting.

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