Jays Win 7-6 Walkoff Over Red Sox

There are few things in this life that I enjoy more than the Red Sox losing. When those losses come at the hands of the Toronto Blue Jays, well, it’s all the better. So, you can imagine how I might feel about 7-6 extra inning walk off wins by the Toronto Blue Jays over the Boston Red Sox.

Anatomy Of A Jose Bautista At Bat

Jose Bautista led off the fifth inning with a solo home run hit off Jon Lester. Here’s how it went down:

  1. Bautista takes the first pitch, a four seam fastball, for strike one.
  2. Bautista swings and misses at a curve away to make the count 0-2.
  3. Bautista takes a four seam fastball high and away to make the count 1-2.
  4. Bautista fouls a cutter off his foot.
  5. Bautista takes a curve low and inside for ball two.
  6. Bautista fouls off a four seam fastball right down the middle of the plate.
  7. Bautista tries to pull a cutter inside but ends up fouling it off.
  8. Bautista powers a curve in the center of the plate over the wall in left field.

The home run tied the game. And it was good.

Other Blue Jays Home Runs:

J.P. Arencibia increased the Blue Jays chances of winning by 16.1% with his lead off home run in the sixth inning off Jon Lester to make the score 5-4.

David Cooper increased his team’s chances of winning by 25.4% by hitting a solo home run off of Daniel Bard, giving the Blue Jays a one run lead going into the ninth inning.

Most Important Play(s) Of The Game

By hitting a single, stealing second base and then stealing third base, Rajai Davis increased his team’s chance of winning by 22.5%. I’m often quick to criticize aggressive base running, but when it works (or when Jason Varitek is behind the plate), it’s both exciting and incredibly effective. David Cooper boosted those chances to 100% after hitting a sac fly to deep center that Davis scored on in the tenth inning.

Biggest Opportunity Missed

With runners on the corners and only one out, David Ortiz grounded into a 1-6-3 double play in the seventh inning.

The Aggravating Things That John Farrell Did

Calling for a squeeze bunt with Rajai Davis on third base and Yunel Escobar at the plate and only one out is questionable at best. It was made to look positively ridiculous when Escobar either missed the sign or had no chance of making contact on a pitch that was basically at his feet.

Farrell might be criticized for going to Frank Francisco in the ninth after Jon Rauch only faced a single batter in the eighth inning, but Francisco has better career numbers against left handed batters and with Adrian Gonzalez leading off, it made sense to go with him. Unfortunately, it didn’t work out that well.

The Statistics You Won’t Believe

John McDonald already has half the plate appearances that he had in all of last year.

Adrian Gonzalez has played two games at Rogers Centre. He has three home runs.

Coming into tonight the Blue Jays led the league in innings pitched by its bullpen with 119.1. Their starters have only pitched 194 innings.


Jon Rauch gets credit for a shutdown after his eight pitches of work, but Frank Francisco takes a meltdown after giving up Adrian Gonzalez’s second home run of the game.

Carlos Villanueva continues his impressive relief work, not only earning the win in tonight’s game, but also another shutdown.

Stray Observations Of The Game

I’m basically in shock every time Corey Patterson gets a hit. Strike that, I’m basically in shock every time Corey Patterson does anything good. Gunning down Carl Crawford at the plate in the top of the fourth is my personal highlight of his Blue Jays career.

While the home plate umpire was certainly squeezing him a little bit, Jon Lester’s reaction was beyond inappropriate after he walked Edwin Encarnacion to score the first runs of the game.

I’m not really sure why Brandon Morrow gets pulled in the fourth inning after three innings of looking great, while Kyle Drabek gets a much longer leash while looking shaky with every batter he faced.

Yunel Escobar took a pitch off the shin in the bottom of the sixth. He left the game. Immediately following the play, I had sympathy pains. It looked that bad.

Marc Rzepczynski had Dustin Pedroia picked off, but David Cooper dropped the ball. Only an amazing decoy play by John McDonald kept Pedroia from advancing to third base.

Was there some sort of hose underneath Alfredo Aceves’ hat? What was with the salty Niagara Falls flowing from his head?

J.P. Arencibia looked good behind the plate until allowing that split finger fastball from Frank Francisco to get by him.

I’m glad to see David Cooper have a good game, but I can’t shake the feeling that this call up has more to do with trade bait than anything else.

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  1. I actually thought FF looked very good tonight. The home run was a 95mph fastball right on the black at the knees. I`m not sure where you pitch AGon, but they kept asking for it away. Can`t fault the pitcher for hitting his spot.

  2. These are awesome. So much better than the boring game summaries written by drones. Keep them coming.

  3. Calling for a squeeze bunt in the 4th inning of a game against the Red Sox is ridiculous, not just questionable.

  4. And yeah, I agree with Simon. These are the kinds of summaries that you see on quality team blogs around the blogosphere, but even better.

  5. With Lind and Escobar day-to-day, surely Janssen will be sent down tomorrow or someone will be DFA`d.

  6. Farrell says they’re going with one bench guy tomorrow.

  7. every single one of your stray thoughts were bang on.

    the cold medicine is working for you parkes.

  8. @ Parkes. Now that`s absurd.

  9. One bench guy? With the rate that players are going down with injury, they’ll have Molina playing first base and Shawn Camp playing centerfield at some point tomorrow.

    And yeah, what the eff with Aceves? That was crazy. It’s not like it was that hot in Toronto.

  10. I wonder if any AL team has had a pitcher bat during the first time through the order since the DH rule came in. Jays are getting awful close. I bet Romero can rake.

  11. Keep up the good work.
    Enjoy these reads.

  12. Only Molina on the bench? That’s their plan? Well…. if they could afford to send a bullpen arm down they would. Unfortunately starters aren’t getting through 6 innings and the guys in the pen are overworked.

    Am I the only one who has trouble watching the Red Sox and find their games to be ridiculously boring?

    Aceves dipped his cap in water. Didn’t you see it in the dugout before the 10th, wrapped in a towel?

  13. Who would be the first pitcher to (a) bat, or (b) play a position (presumably LF)?

  14. Could it be that either Lind or Escobar are not that bad that if need be they could go into game?

  15. A few points –

    1. Agree with the thoughts on this summary. Keep em coming.

    2. I feel like there’s a big difference between being aggressive and stealing bases. Hit & Run signs, Take & Steal signs, suicide squeezes, forcing the extra base when it’s not necessarily necessary…that’s being aggressive. Rajai Davis stealing bases because the pitcher is slow as hell to the plate, Jason Varitek is in, and Rajai sees he’s ignoring him on 2nd base – not as aggressive, just smart baseball.

    3. Drabek certainly didn’t look sharp, but he also didn’t take over 30 pitches to get one out in any inning and still have the bases loaded to get out of. I’m willing to believe Farrell on this one because it did look to me as well like Morrow was really labouring that inning and had lost a bit off his fastball.

    4. Playing with a one man bench is fucking insane and unacceptable. If JMac or Hill get injured tonight, somebody is going to be forced to play WAY out of position, which inherently risks injury to that player. How hard would it be to bring McCoy up for the game already? Ship out Janssen or Villanueva and let them know they will be back in 10 days – if you’re dying for a RP in the interim, you option out McCoy after the game and bring up Richmond/Mills/Lewis/Perez for a few games.

  16. there was nothing wrong with the squeeze bunt. the jays were up by 1 run facing a tough lefty. all you needed was another tack on run. escobar is an excellent bunter so it was a nobrainer that rajai would have scored easily. maybe nobody has noticed that the jays are horrible with risp.

  17. speaking of egregious errors, aaron hill batting 5th? hill has a .267 slug% this year. that’s lower than johny mac. that’s even lower than mike freakin’ mccoy! that means it takes him 4 ab’s to get just one total base. what, did farrel think he would suddenly start mashing and dring in all those runs? I think that has to be a record for worst 5 hitter in history

    and the murderer’s row of EE, rivera and hill had a COMBINED slug only 130 pts higher than jose bautista’s.

    these are what I call ridiculous decisions.

  18. what’s with the hate on for cpat? he has the 5th highest ops on the team 3pts behind yunel.

  19. Re your last point about Cooper and “trade bait” – agreed, and my take on the repeated showings of Rzepczynski and Reyes fall into the same category.

  20. Ha! Ya, I know what you mean – he’s killing it right now and is a bullpen stalwart, but given that he’s got cred as a starter the Jays might be showcasing him. Let’s face it, he’s the kind of player that could tie a ribbon on a sweet package.

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