After Yunel Escobar left last night’s ball game with an apparent ankle injury, much of the talk around these parts centered around the disaster in waiting represented by the Jays only having one live body on their bench for tonight’s game with the Red Sox.

Commenters wondered which pitcher would Oswalt their way into left field in the event of an injury, though the obvious answer is Jon Rauch. Fall down range alone makes him Franklin Gutierrez!

It looks as though this minor crisis is officially averted, as Jays shortstop Yunel Escobar is back in the lineup and hitting at the top of the order. Edwin Encarnacion sits with Juan Rivera starting as the DH and John McDonald starting the game at third base.

The Red Sox, bless their evil hearts, push their superlative defender Jose Iglesias into his first big league start as Jed Lowrie is out with “flu-like symptoms.” I generally assume “flu-like symptoms” is code for “hung over”, but in Lowrie’s case I can only assume this is a double earflap and/or puberty-related injury.