The Toronto Blue Jays will attempt to play this evening’s game against the Boston Red Sox with only a single position player on the bench.

With thirteen pitchers on the active roster and nine starting position players, including the designated hitter, in the starting lineup, the team should have three additional bench players. However, back problems for Adam Lind and a baseball off the shin of Yunel Escobar last night means that the team will have to rely on Jose Molina as the sole replacement in case anything else goes wrong on the field tonight.

While it would be easy to point the fingers of blame for the team’s short bench on its unwillingness to move Lind, who hasn’t played in four days, to the Disabled List, where he may still end up, I’m curious as to how the team can justify having one more pitcher on its roster than almost every other team in baseball. Surely, Casey Janssen, one of seven right handed relievers in the bullpen would understand a quick demotion given the circumstances.

John Farrell and Alex Anthopoulos are apparently not of that same mindset, as they insist on rolling the dice that tonight’s game won’t require any backup.

And The Rest:

Francisco Liriano only pitched three innings last night because of flu like symptoms. A current ability to relate to those symptoms makes Liriano my favourite pitcher right now. Or that could just be the medication making me feel that way.

A part of the PNC Park experience has sadly been lost.

One day after writing about MLB’s plan to cut out fraternization between players, Chicago Cubs GM Jim Hendry embraced St. Louis Cardinals (for now) first baseman Albert Pujols during batting practice setting off an overreaction among both Cards and Cubs fans.

Last night, Roy Halladay walked an opposing pitcher for the first time in his career. What a bum.

It’s almost easier to imagine Derek Jeter in another uniform than it is to picture Tim Wakefield pitching for another team.

If only the New York Yankees had kept Lance Berkman. Then, all of their problems would be over.

I really find it hard to imagine writing something without putting any thought into it at all.

Unfortunately, PEDs aren’t the only area of ignorance in sports writers’ wheelhouse.

Jim Bowden would like baseball players to do as he says, not as he does.

Today in inspirational.

Finally, the quote of the day two days ago is from C.J. Wilson after the Rangers lost 7-2 to the Athletics on Monday.

It’s like obviously no one sets out there to go walk guys, and I haven’t been doing that lately. It’s just only against their team that I do that. They take everything close. If it’s not called a strike, then they walk. It’s lawyer ball. That’s how they roll. That’s how they’re going to beat me. That’s how they have to beat me. I have to make a bunch of mistakes and walk a bunch of guys because they’re not that good of a hitting team. The whole game was frustrating.

Bonus video: This is how the Pittsburgh Pirates promote their concessions.

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  1. Does Janssen have options left? Wasn’t his last option exercised when he was sent down earlier this year?

  2. Only one option is exercised each year–since Janssen has already had an option exercised this season, he can be sent down any number of times this season without having to clear waivers.

  3. I see, thanks for the clarification.

  4. This is getting stupid. I can’t believe that with all the shuffling that’s been done between Vegas and Toronto that management can’t find it in them to make one more move when it’s so clearly necessary especially when it’s already been stated that they plan to shorten the bullpen at some point regardless Just swap Janssen for Woodward already. Once McCoy is eligible to be called up again, you swap Woodward for him and eventually Jayson Nix takes the spot which was the plan all along. This teams seem incapable of doing the small things right despite doing the big things so well.

  5. It is reckless for the jays to play with 1 bench player. Molina can’t play any other position than catcher.

    farrell has to accept less pitchers on his staff.

  6. Soooo… what’s the plan if, for example, Encarnacion gets hit in the hand with a pitch and has to leave the game? Do the Blue Jays forfit? I don’t understand this…

  7. If there’s an injury, the Jays won’t forfeit the game but will probably forfeit the DH.

  8. The solution seems very simple to me. Call up Adam Loewen as a bench bat/bullpen arm! Two birds with one stone!

  9. So, to get this straight… outfield of PAtterson, Davis, Bautista, IF of Encarnacion, McDonald, Hill, Copper, Arencibia, DH of Rivera. If any outfielder is injured Rivera moves to LF and everyone adjusts accordingly. If Encarnacion is injured, Rivera moves to LF, Bautista to 3rd, Patterson to RF. If Cooper is injured same as above, just add Encarnacion to 1st. If Hill or McDonald are injured… Move Encarnacion to cover?

  10. i dont blame them for carrying the extra pitcher. they lead both leagues in bullpen innings and cant get enough quality starts out of even their top pitchers to send a reliever down.

  11. John Farrell was on the Fan 590 this morning and said that it was likely that Escobar would be in the lineup tonight:

    I still think the Jays could use some extra infield depth but it looks like it won’t be quite as bad as anticipated.

  12. Carrying the extra pitcher is ridiculous, especially while refusing to DL injured players as has been the team’s habit all year.

  13. Interestingly, Gregor Chisolm tweets that Janssen himself would have become the emergency OF had Escobar been unavailable.!/gregorMLB/status/68420177154412544

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