This picture of Chicago White Sox manager Ozzie Guillen and his lovely lady friend enjoying some vino surrounded by the California country side is awesome enough in the same way that it’s really cool to over pose for casual snap shots with your friends, but what puts the photo into overdrive is its accompanying tweet from Guillen:

There are probably only three or four people alive right now who are cooler than Ozzie Guillen. And one of them happens to be Alec Baldwin, and that’s only because he’s a little more self aware:

But if that’s not baseball enough for you, how about the best third baseman in the game bare handing a line drive in order to save a reporter from certain coma:

Even if you didn’t like that video, at least you get to be a little kill joy and point out how it’s fake. Go ahead, you can do it in the comments below. There probably aren’t a whole lot of other areas from which you can draw such a smug sense of satisfaction, so go for it.

Anyway, if you’re into the whole real thing, here’s Tim Lincecum taking the ride of his life:

That’s almost as cool as Tony LaRussa’s miraculous cure from shingles allowing him to bring the lineup card to the home plate umpire yesterday afternoon:

Wait a minute. Since when did Tony LaRussa have a goatee?

Okay, so it’s just Kyle Lohse in a wig, but you have to ask yourself, do you think the store where he bought the wig sold it as a LaRussa wig because it’s a little bit too awesome for it not to be a customized LaRussa wig.

And The Rest:

Bryce Harper had contact lenses prescribed to get even better at the plate. And better he’s gotten.

Yesterday, we talked about the possibility of the Royals locking up Eric Hosmer to a long term deal. “Not friggin’ likely,” was Scott Boras’ response to the suggestion.

My favourite link from yesterday is this bit from Larry Wezen at Baseball Prospectus looking at the evolution, or lack thereof in some cases, of statistics on the back of baseball cards.

There were also a couple of fantastic articles on FanGraphs yesterday. The first looks at Milton Bradley and his use of the race card. The second asks why relievers are still seemingly overpaid.

Apparently, the New York Yankees don’t look ready for the Boston Red Sox. Apparently, someone watched the Kansas City Royals / New York Yankees series, but forgot to tune into the Boston Red Sox / Toronto Blue Jays two game set.

Despite Dan Uggla’s early struggles for Atlanta, there’s still reason to believe in the normally consistent second baseman.

The Yankee Analysts wonder if Chipper Jones is right and the cutter is responsible for the decline in offense around the league.

Carlos Beltran’s three two-run home runs last night only let the Mets beat the Rockies by four runs. #BlameBeltran

Chase Utley homered in support of Roy Oswalt last night, as both players rehab from injuries at Single A.

It’s one thing to bench a stop gap player, but quite another for Clint Hurdle to keep Andrew McCutchen out of the lineup for a lack of hustle.

The always insightful Mike Fast takes a look at fastball speed around the Majors.

This article suggests that the White Sox need Juan Pierre to improve if they want to get out of the basement in the AL Central. That’s likely the least of their worries.

Finally, Big League Stew gives us an exhaustive history of the walk off walk.