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Yesterday afternoon we took to the internet airwaves to answer your tweets and talk about the Blue Jays. And just so you know I’m not making this up, here’s a clip of Andrew Stoeten and I talking about J.P. Arencibia’s perfectly passable plate discipline.

For the full audio of the show, you can listen here:

Or download the MP3, by right clicking or control clicking and downloading this link.

We’ll be doing another show on Monday afternoon at 1:00 PM EDT, so get your questions ready and make sure your boss is busy so you can watch it as it happens at Getting Blanked.

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  1. On the Baustista deal… even if you felt he was going to regress after this year, wouldn’t you be better of having him under contract after another amazing season and then trading him for prospects rather than the compensatory picks you’d get?

    • The thing is with Bautista’s age, we can expect him to decline every year from here out. As will every other team in baseball. Don’t get me wrong, I’m hoping that it’s a slow decline and that this contract ends up working out well. I just think that next year and beyond we’re not as happy about it as we are right now. And remember that he was still under arbitration for this year anyway.

  2. You can’t post full video? :(

  3. We had some audio troubles with my inability to properly put on a mic. Next time we’ll have the vid up too.

  4. on lineup composition: patterson in 7th or 8th or wherever the shit you wanna put him, and replace him with JPA in the 2-hole?

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