Jon Morosi is reporting that the Toronto Blue Jays, have finally come to the realization that the team is better off putting Adam Lind on the Disabled List, retroactive to May 8th, so that the team can get a look at Eric Thames, presumably in left field.

In his first year at Triple A, at the age of 24, Thames has put up a very impressive .343 AVG, .417 OBP, .608 SLG line with a .430 wOBA and six home runs in 163 plate appearances. Hopefully, Thames, a seventh round pick in the 2008 draft (falling down the list due to a serious thigh injury just weeks before the draft), gets multiple opportunities to play and is used as more than a mere left handed bat off the bench. I can’t think of a single reason he shouldn’t get at bats before Juan Rivera.

Update: According to Gregor Chisholm of, Thames will play left field and designated hitter.

In order to make room for Thames, Robert Ray, not Scott Richmond, has been designated for assigment. He must now clear waivers in order to remain on the team.

Lind has been practicing with the team and trying out his back with running and fielding drills but his return has just been pushed back to the point where it’s probably best that he rest the extra few days even if he is physically capable of playing.

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  1. This is exciting! He’s gonna be facing some tough pitching right away.

  2. I’m really looking forward to seeing him play too. I was excited about him before Spring Training this year. Had great year in New Hampshire and in the Arizona Fall League.

  3. Agreed. Very excited. He’s behind only Lawrie for me in position player prospects I’m eager to see, and I expected him to be brought up sooner (due to age and lower ceiling).

  4. I’ve always wanted to see Thames play… definitely heading down to the Dome on Wednesday now (hopefully he’ll be in the lineup!)

  5. If comes up and impresses, is there any chance he can remain with the team? Or is it just a dream that we will see Rivera or E5 let go or perennially on the bench.

  6. I forgot to insert Thames

  7. Normally they have Rivera or Patterson playing LF. When Thames plays LF, who then sits? Would Patterson be used as DH?

    Really excited to see Thames. He impressed me quite a bit during spring training.

    This might be a situation where a not so highly touted prospect (a la Lawrie, JPA, Drabek) comes in with not much expectations and performs really well.

  8. I think Rivera sits more than Patterson. At least I’d hope so. Griffin seems to suggest that Thames will be used off the bench while he’s here too. Seems silly to me to call him up and not give him playing time.

  9. I’d move Patterson to the bench and put Thames in left.

    We need to take a look at his fielding as much as his bat. Although we have Snider who will presumably be our LF moving forward (fingers crossed?) I can’t see the Jays making a 24 year old capable fielder in to a DH, which means the Jays could just be auditioning him for a trade.

    Another interesting Idea would be to move bautista back to third.

    Thames in Left, Snider in Right, Davis in Center, Lawrie at 2B, Aaron Hill on the Mets or somewhere else

  10. That guy looks like a 30-year-old veteran. I hope he swings like it!

  11. The jays don’t actually want thames to hit, because then they’d look like complete fools to send him back down so rivera can play.

    • There is absolutely nothing stopping them from releasing Rivera if Thames proves that much better. If this call up lasts longer than a week, I’ll be amazed, but during that week Thames should get every opportunity to hit.

  12. Excellently played.

  13. Alex doesn’t want to release rivera because he’s under contract and he doesn’t want to ask rogers to eat that money. It’s bad PR. He might do it after the trade deadline when his salary would be less.

  14. Parkes do you know what specifically happened to Lind’s back? I worry about how easily back pain issues could mess up what is currently a great swing, and potentially mess it up for a long time, too.

  15. So who’s gonna play third? EE’s gotta play first now, right?

  16. Snider’s slipping down the depth chart…

  17. I see dustin is now deleting comments. The 5 people who read his blog must be offended.

    • @Chewy/Grouchy Yeah. This is your one warning. I’ll make it simple enough for even you to understand. If you enter racist bullshit, I will ban your IP address. So, then, not even the five people who read the blog will be able to see your comments.

  18. yeah the same bullshit that people post on your other blog? wow you’re a real columbo and figured out the IP thing?

  19. Parkes, if you need to swing the banhammer, just do it and don’t bother responding to people who complain, please.

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