If we focused only on my thoughts on the Jose Bautista contract circa before the season started, I think we’d have a slightly different name for our webcast.

At 1:00 PM this afternoon, it will once again be time for another slice of live streaming awesomeness featuring yours truly and Andrew Stoeten answering questions and talking about the Blue Jays until someone off camera makes that slicing motion with their hand across the neck.

Click here to open the live stream window.

As always, to get your question or comment read, tweet us at @DustinParkes and @AndrewStoeten, or use the hashtag #GiantRauch.

Comments (2)

  1. The dynamism of that ending was a bit too much guys, you’re going to need to tone it down a little bit for next time…It made me nauseous.

  2. Jason: hey pop can we get some cotton candy later?

    Jon: sure son, but why don’t you come sit on my lap first?

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