Look at tonight’s lineup card for the St. Louis Cardinals. Notice anything strange? Do you see who’s batting third? Now see what position he’s playing?

Tony LaRussa is back, baby!

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  1. Scenario: we find out Pujols is actually a pretty good 3B too, which causes his price to skyrocket even more out of St. Louis’ price range.

  2. They’re trying to drive up his free agent comp value, ensure he’s a Type A.

    He did play 3B some when he came up, so it’s not the most insane LaRussa move ever.

  3. I suppose it’s fair to point out that David Freese is on the DL, and they don’t really have another clear 3B. Punto could play there, but then Tyler Green would have to play second. Descalso and Hamilton could play third though. But seriously, Pujols at third probably isn’t worse than Berkman in right. Just keep your fingers crossed Pujols doesn’t throw out his wonky arm trying to unleash a cannon to first.

  4. @DaveC: Pujols could hit .188 this year and still be a type A free agent.

    However, maybe he can still play third…I don’t remember him being terrible at it before.

  5. lol bang on Dave

    you nailed it, the cards are ensuring that he is a Type A.. I would only bat him against lefties moving forward in hitters parks to truly ensure the best player in the last decade remains a type A.

    This is perfect for the jays, move Lawrie to second and Pujols plays 3B, Lind at 1st. Best infield of all time??

    // end sarcasm

  6. Seriously, though- I don’t think Pujols will have any issue being a Type A. Is that .188 an official stat, or are we guessing? I’m legitimately curious. If he IS that bad, does he still get eleventy billion dollars from someone? Probably.

    Shingles hurts, though- I don’t have a link to confirm, but I know a gal who had it. We’ll see if it makes LaRussa MORE crazy going forward.

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