If you missed this afternoon’s live stream, we’re not about to let you get away with it that easily. Here, for your viewing pleasure, are a couple of highlights from the webcast.

Is Jose Bautista the best player in baseball:

What about the center field fence at Rogers Centre?

And if you’re still not satisfied, you can listen to the whole experience right now:

Or, download and listen to it later, if that’s what floats your boat by right clicking or control clicking this link.

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  1. Alan Ashby said that jose buatista is making a mockery of the league. It reminds me of this car game I had on my commodore 64 where you could turn the gravity off and the cars would go flying off every jump. I think jose bautista has found a way to turn gravity off.

  2. Being introduced? That was the awesome opening?

  3. I’m afraid you missed it if you didn’t watch the live stream. Streamers, ticker tape and confetti!

  4. Damn, was hoping to see the opening. No more full streams? Short bursts arn’t usually a good sign, ; ) .

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