Brian McCann is Still Awesome

Brian McCann, despite his slow start to 2011, is still quite amazing. Just ask the Houston Astros.

After a great start by Wandy Rodriquez, Brian McCann blasted a pinch-hit, two-out, game-tying home run off Astros closer Mark Melancon. Win probability added? A tidy .489, raising their win expectancy from 4.5% to 53.4%. Nice.

His next at bat came in the bottom of the 11th inning against reliever Jeff Fulchino with a runner (Big Damage!) on first base. The result? How about a two-run walkoff home run. Stud.

This bomb raised the Braves win expectancy from 63.1% to, um, 100%. A .369 WPA which gives him .858 for the day. In two at bats! Single handedly giving them the win!

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  1. Drew, tell us something we didn’t know. Everybody knows that Brian McCann is awesomeness. And possibly the best catcher in baseball. Yeah, I said it.

    • @Jeff2 – I think you could certainly make the case, though he was off to an uncharacteristically slow start this season. Only 2 home runs going into yesterday’s action.

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