I try to avoid these “here’s what’s coming up” type posts as much as I can, but there are a few upcoming things I wanted to highlight for our regular readers, so bear with me for the next couple of paragraphs.

First things first, tonight we’ll be trying something a little new and if there’s a good enough response and amount of viewers, the production team at The Score has said that we’ll continue doing them. We’re going to do a pregame live stream right here starting at 6:30 PM.

Instead of two talking heads in a suit going over news you’ve already heard and showing highlights that were tiresome by mid morning, you’ll get Andrew Stoeten and I talking about stuff that actually matters and answering your tweets like real human people, with less focus on presentation and more on content. It’s sort of like the pregame show for the thinking man, or at least the one that prefers sarcasm to interviews with athletes giving the same token responses to the least interesting of questions.

Next up, we are now an official podcast. That’s right, The Getting Blanked Podcast is now available to be downloaded on iTunes for your subscribing pleasure. Watch for updates on every Tuesday and once we get a regular spot on The Score Radio, I’ll be sure to let you know the time and day that we’re on.

I’m not sure how closely you’ve been keeping tabs, but Getting Blanked is continuing to put together a roster of writers that I’m really proud of. I highly recommend following them on Twitter and checking out their other work.

Finally, you can also follow us on Getting Blanked’s facebook page by clicking here, and “liking” us.  I promise you it’s not just a dumping ground for links like a lot of other facebook pages, we include exclusive videos and post a ton of tumblr style pics and clips.

And as always, you can follow me on Twitter here so that you can send me your questions during our live streams and make sarcastic comments with me during the game.