Considering the amount of time we spend attempting to cure the ills of the world with baseball statistics, we could probably stand an injection of levity. As such (via the great Roar of the Tigers): ball player’s kids in full uniform!! Squeeeee!!!!!

Behold! The progeny of David Ortiz and Victor Martinez playing catch at Fenway. Resplendent in their father’s full battle regalia, these two future bonus babies toss the old horsehide around with all associated and expected mirth.

Here we see young V-Mart on the prowl for what we can only assume is an errant throw from the Ortiz heir.

The kid’s wearing a batting glove to throw? What can I say, his dad’s the DH. I’m surprised fielding gloves are even allowed in the house, like a copy of Mad Magazine if your dad is a pastor. CAST OUT THAT DEMONRY!

Hat tip to Roar of the Tigers and FOTB Patrick Sullivan.