The $159.99 Baseball App

This stunned me. The fact that some dude named Buddy Repperton charges $160 for a baseball app, a limited app nonetheless is astounding. So before you go on a read the description, just note that the word “handicapper” does come in to place once or twice.

I traveled to the link (that you see above) and this what I gathered:

“Buddy Repperton is a freelance sports handicapper who delivers PREMIUM sports picks. He is not affiliated with any sports book and does not advertise any products or services on his site. He is a gifted, dedicated sports handicapper with years of experience in the business who wants to share his talent with you.”

So, yeah…Ugh, $159.99. Hard to imagine anyone’s paying that much for an app, but hey, if Edwin Encarnacion can make 1/3 of the Jays errors this year, I guess anything is possible.

Comments (4)

  1. Its fitting that there’s a money symbol in this app logo. Because its just a money grab app.

  2. If the guy picks winners (if), the app is worth $159. Most cappers charge 40-50 bucks a pick. The question, then, is: Who the hell is Buddy Repperton, and is he the wise sage he claims to be?

  3. Is this the same Buddy Repperton from Christine? If it is, don’t trust him; he’s doing this from beyond the grave.

  4. NO thanks ill make my own pick and save the 159 these handicappers are just like anyone one of us they no fuck all

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