The $159.99 Baseball App

This stunned me. The fact that some dude named Buddy Repperton charges $160 for a baseball app, a limited app nonetheless is astounding. So before you go on a read the description, just note that the word “handicapper” does come in to place once or twice.

I traveled to the link (that you see above) and this what I gathered:

“Buddy Repperton is a freelance sports handicapper who delivers PREMIUM sports picks. He is not affiliated with any sports book and does not advertise any products or services on his site. He is a gifted, dedicated sports handicapper with years of experience in the business who wants to share his talent with you.”

So, yeah…Ugh, $159.99. Hard to imagine anyone’s paying that much for an app, but hey, if Edwin Encarnacion can make 1/3 of the Jays errors this year, I guess anything is possible.