Here are a couple of highlights from last night’s pregame show, that, believe it or not, are actually still relevant. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you spend an entire pregame webcast barely talking about the game you’re supposed to be previewing.

Here we are talking about the timing of Jose Bautista’s emergence as the best player in baseball:

And here we talk about a potential new logo for the Blue Jays and how long we can expect Eric Thames to stay with the big club. And some Scott Richmond slamming to boot.

You can listen to the entire audio from last night’s show right here:

Or download it and listen to it later by right clicking or control clicking this link.

You can also now subscribe to The Getting Blanked Podcast through iTunes. Earlier this morning, we learned that you guys have already made it the #1 sports podcast in Canada despite it only being available for a single day. During the NHL playoffs, a little old baseball podcast has reached #1 in Canada. That’s very encouraging after the attendance figures at Rogers Centre over the last two games.