Last night’s games didn’t just feature some exciting home runs, impressive pitching performances, and a couple of returns from players who were greatly missed by their team. It was a perfect night for screenshots, which is why I took initiative to snap a few of them. I only went back and captured the three best ones but I’m sure there were plenty that I forgot. Well, without further ado…

Of course, if that was Brad Hawpe and not Prince Fielder at first base it probably wouldn’t be as funny looking and certainly not screenshot worthy. However, it is Prince and this is a pretty loud image, if you ask me. If you’ll induldge me, here’s a quote:

“Maybe you can fix your hat on your own time? We’ve got a ballgame to play, man, and you’re blocking my view”

I’m not exactly sure, but from the looks of things, A.J. went over to the former President between innings and planned a non-agressive robbery. Here’s what happened: President Bush was drinking a Fresca. Meanwhile, a thirsty A.J. decided he would take the quickest route to finding something to hydrate him, and he decided the victim would be George W. Bush. Nolan Ryan’s wife, meanwhile, is just praying that Pierzynski takes what he wants and leaves.

With Ozzie Smith in the stands, Pujols decided that in order to get his mojo  (or whatever) on, he would need to impress the Wizard. If not, Pujols decided that he would at least attempt to be a bit more flashy. So with Ozzie’s backflip in mind, Pujols decided that a frontflip was in order. It didn’t go so well…

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  1. See, that’s why Pujols is struggling this year. Too much flash, not enough hustle and/or heart.

  2. I think the hustle-heart jokes are already passe

  3. @Eric: NEVER!!

    @Dustin: I think Hunter and I see eye to eye.

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