I know what you’re thinking. After becoming the #1 sports podcast in the nation last week, you’re expecting us to coast a little, rest solely on our laurels on our next podcast. Well, I think our lineup for this week’s show tells you exactly what you can do with your reasonable expectations.

Spoiler alert: Joining us this week is Newsday’s Ken Davidoff and John Sickels from Minor League Ball. As usual, we open the podcast by dumping on Blue Jays manager John Farrell before speaking with Davidoff about New York’s reaction to Jose Bautista and Fred Wilpon’s comments in the New Yorker. After that, Sickels joins us to elaborate on his glowing scouting report of Brett Lawrie before we wrap it up with some parting shots.

I’m not a doctor, but I wouldn’t be surprised if listening to this week’s podcast cures diseases. I’m not suggesting it will eradicate cancer or anything, but some of the smaller illnesses better look out while your listening to our show.

Here, for your listening pleasure and increased health is the podcast:

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