Buster Posey Seriously Injured

Update: According to Amy Gutierrez of Comcast Sporstnet, Buster Posey has a broken bone and torn ligaments in his left leg. Posey and Darren Ford will be placed on the Disabled List, as Brandon Belt and Chris Stewart get called up to replace them on the active roster. It’s quite likely that Posey will be out for the entire season.

I don’t know how Bobby Valentine is going to handle the news, but in the picture above, that’s Buster Posey’s left leg being bent in a fashion that left legs, and right as well for that matter, are not supposed to be bent.

The play occurred in the twelfth inning of last night’s San Francisco Giants and Florida Marlins game. Scott Cousins scored on the play, tagging up on a sacrifice fly to put the Marlins ahead 7-6.

According to Andrew Baggarly of the San Jose Mercury News:

Posey went for X-rays on his left ankle and he will have an MRI Thursday morning. The Giants did not release X-ray results and they won’t have anything new until Thursday morning, when they are expected to make multiple roster moves.

Mike Fontenot also suffered an injury last night and it was expected that San Francisco would be placing Darren Ford on the Disabled List as well. One of the three potential roster replacements could be phenom Brandon Belt.

Giants manager Bruce Bochy spoke with Baggarly after losing the game to the Marlins:

The catcher is so vulnerable there. That’s the toughest play in baseball, with a runner bearing down. You hate to see it. That’s our guy behind the plate. It’s hard to speculate. It could be just a sprain. I don’t even want to guess. When I see him laying there, it’s not a good feeling for me, certainly not for him, for teammates, anybody. We’re hoping he’s OK.

For video of the gruesome play, check out Mocksession.com.