Aaron Hill and Edwin Encarnacion both hit their first home runs of the season this afternoon in the first inning against John Danks and the Chicago White Sox. The secret to Encarnacion’s power surge was made obvious shortly afterwards. He used starting pitcher Ricky Romero’s bat.

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  1. Amazing.

    It’s also kind of wacky how much better EE has been this year as a DH. When he’s DHing, he has a totally respectable .341/.357/.439 line (in just 42 plate appearences, but still). When he plays in the field, he’s hit .188/.201/.271. It’s night and day.

  2. I wonder if Romero’s bat weighs less than Encarnacion’s normal bat?

  3. Should he use Ricky’s glove too?

  4. Erix wins the internet tonight.

  5. @Erix


  6. The bat should read “Mr. USA”

  7. There was some dude behind us the whole game bitching about EE. He was making fun of him for having “too Mexican” of a name (Juan Rivera got the same treatment) and then yelled “You suck Edwin” literally seconds before he smashed the home run.

    Same dude thinks JPA is the best catcher in baseball.

  8. I think it’s about time that Rogers instituted an I.Q. test at each gate for home games. There’s been some pretty moronic behaviour so far.

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