On this fine Memorial Day for our dear friends to the south, we here at Getting Blanked feel the need to weigh in on one of our American friends oldest traditions: complaining.

Complaining about the actions, lineups, or in-game machinations of your team’s field boss is a fan’s right. It might the final act of civil disobedience available to disgruntled fans in a world of increasingly sterile and Family-Friendly Ballpark ExperienceTM. “Informed” or “knowledgeable” fans gripe about the shape of the batting order, pitching change decisions, a lack of activity and/or over-activity. There is a sense some fans (or bloggers) think they’re “smarter” than the manager, they have more insight or baseball acumen that would better position their favorite team to win.

While the latter simply isn’t true, some fans are right to whine about their manager’s actions. Beyond the Boxscore introduced a cute little junk stat on the weekend called the “Traditional Manager Index” which measures the amount of sacrifice bunts and intentional walks ordered by the Supreme Leader. Jays manager John Farrel — subject to much derision on Twitter and among Jays intelligentsia — ranks 27th in baseball in TMI, issuing the fewest intentional walks with a league average sac bunt rate. The Jays new boss is one of the least active managers in baseball. Borderline shocking.

Does this suffice to silence the #Farrellball critics? No, no it does not. Until “stolen base attempts when down multiple runs” and “inserting a hitter to protect Jose Bautista only to have him bunt” are included in this metric, I’ll take it with a grain of salt.

And The Rest

The Rays apologize to their fans for Avril Lavigne, something long overdue from the people of Napanee. Rays PR rep Rick “Mild Thing” Vaughn states

“The Rays demand profanity-free performances from all of our concert performers and we are extremely disappointed by the language used in last night’s show. It is not consistent with the family-friendly atmosphere that Tropicana Field is known for.”

Family friendly atmosphere! Friendly in the “impossible to reach for man or beast but quiet enough to enjoy a good nap” sense of the word, I assume.

Ozzie Guillen claims to be misunderstood in terms of context, not poorly-worded tweets. Stay real Ozzie, nobody cares about context.

Buster Posey undergoes successful surgery, may not walk without crutches until August or September. A nation weeps.

Corey Patteson goes buckwild on the White Sox, just as the Chicago Cubs expected when they drafted him as one of baseball’s best prospects in 2001. Add nothing interesting happened in between.

Did you know the Arizona Diamondbacks are in first place in the NL West? They are! Thanks in large part to an excellent duo at the top of their rotation – hipster of note Ian Kennedy and former White Sock Daniel Hudson.

Seattle is just a game and a half out in the American League West, though you wouldn’t know it when looking at the top of their order. Free Slugging Ichiro!

Rich Lederer pens a letter to Angels GM Tony Reagins, presumably signed in Vernon Wells’ blood.

Today in awesome: an interactive map of Jose Bautista’s home runs. Did I mention awesome?

Kevin “Don’t call me Colin. Seriously, I have a restraining order in place and am considering changing my surname” Cowherd goes Mea Culpa on Matt Wieters. Turns out he isn’t quite the bust depressive Orioles fans rushed to label him.

Why are Orioles fans depressed, anyway? Oh, right. They just demoted 40% of their starting rotation.

Nate Silver uses his data parsing powers for good, determining the best ballpark in America. Surprise! The Rogers Centre finishes last!