The Catcher Throw KO

I promise that we didn’t intend to make today Mailing It In day at Getting Blanked, it just so happens that a whole lot of weird stuff has been going down in the world of baseball over the last two days. So, try to roll with it. I promise we’ll be back to Pitch FX comparisons and arguing about the importance of linear weights shortly.

But for right now, I feel as though I have an obligation to post a video from a Saturday afternoon College Baseball game, Florida pitcher Brian Johnson was hit on the head with a ball thrown by catcher Mike Zunino on a steal attempt in the first inning of an SEC Tournament game against Georgia. He left the game with a concussion.

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  1. The catcher must feel horrible about that. Why would you turn your back on the play though? I guess it’s one of those plays you hardly ever see, if at all though.

  2. Mailed in day at work contribution: The smartest blog post ever written –

  3. Better the back of the head than the face. Regardless of whether or not he turned his back, he was getting hit.

  4. If he saw it coming he might have reacted. You never know how well you’ll react until it happens though. Think Ricky Romero vs. Nick Swisher.

  5. The pitcher turns his back to watch the play at 2B. If the ball gets past the middle infielder, he may have to get in position for a rundown or cut off a throw.

  6. It’s normally pretty safe to assume the catcher isn’t going to peg you in the back of the head with the play 60 ft past you.

  7. just like in boxing, protect yourself at all times. most accidents in life occur because people think it’s “safe to assume”.

  8. The best part of this is that it was catchers interference, on the second replay watch the batter literally kick the catchers foot as he goes to plant to throw.

  9. @ Chris: I never even noticed that but you are right.

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