It is safe to assume professional baseball players are more athletic than you or I. They posses better balance, hand-eye coordination, quicker reflexes, and higher metabolism; among other things. Watching pro sports as much as we all do, sometimes these traits are obscured during regular game action.

Then, every so often, a player does something random outside of regular game action that makes you think, wow. Yeah, these guys are good at things most people cannot even attempt.

Case in point: Adrian Gonzalez. During a seventh inning Jacoby Ellsbury at bat, Adrian Gonzalez waiting “in the hole”, baseball parlance for the guy due to hit after the on-deck hitter. As is his wont, Gonzalez wore his helmet and held his bat, studying the pitcher while awaiting his turn at the plate.

Ellsbury yanks a ball foul into the notoriously dangerous Fenway dugouts. Players scramble to avoid the onrushing sphere. Worry not, cowering Red Sox, Adrian Gonzalez got this.


There is a lot to like in this little sequence, above Adrian Gonzalez saving his teammates doing their best drowning rat-impressions. Most notably the chill manner in which Gonzalez saves his bros and the look of bemusement/pride on Terry Francona’s face. Well played, A-Gon, you are a credit to your team both on the field on in the dugout.

Image courtesy of the great Bill Baer of the great Crashburn Alley. Don’t believe him when he says Cole Hamels is the best Phillies starter (even if it’s true.)

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  1. I wonder if Gonzalez has ever thought about using his bat to field?

  2. Wait, you’re not saying Cole Hamels is better than Roy Halladay now, are you? When you say “even if it’s true”, you’re talking about in the future when Halladay is not on the team anymore, right? Because I don’t know what to believe anymore if it’s the former.

  3. Clearly by asking him to hit all those home runs the Red Sox are wasting his talent at bunting.

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