For the first time in as long as I can remember Baseball’s Father of the Year Award will not be going to Elijah Dukes, despite the sheer number of children he’s fathered. Unfortunately for the former outfielder, he had to spend Memorial Day in the slammer after beingĀ arrested for at least the third time this year, and couldn’t attend the award ceremony.

Thankfully, this champ stepped up to take the prize:

If this guy ever procreated with this woman, they might cancel each other out and create a perfectly average foul ball catching child.

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  1. and the runner up is…………………

  2. There is no excuse for that at all…..none whatsoever.

  3. That is the complete opossite of the guy’s that catch the ball in one hand whilst holding a baby in the other.

    What a jackass.

  4. Playing devil’s advocate: He was holding his daughter under both armpits, from that position there really isn’t any quick transfer to a one handed hold. I don’t know where they were sitting, but if the ball came at them faster than he expected and he hadn’t dropped her, wouldn’t she have taken it straight in the face?

    … I guess he could have turned and taken one for the team…

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