Jose Bautista: The Hitman

Mailing It In Day at Getting Blanked continues with this video from MLB promoting Jose Bautista. If this is the only bad performance of Bautista’s season, I’ll be alright with that.

This is what you get, Canadian baseball fans, for whining that MLB doesn’t pay enough attention to baseball North of the Border.

My favourite take on the video belongs to John Lott:

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  1. sam the carpet man looks like JP ricciardi

  2. Good to see Bobby Baccala isn’t typecasting himself post Sopranos.

  3. Amen. It’s refreshing to see these guys get work that doesn’t pigeonhole them at all.

  4. That is easily the worst DeNiro impression I’ve ever seen.

  5. I actually laughed when first seeing the ball on the table. They lost it immediately after with the expressions on the ball, and Bautista’s acting.

  6. He’s called “Joey Batts” and no jokes about getting a shine box?

  7. So am I the only person who found it funny? Ok then.

  8. Yikes. After the barrage of excellent commercials we’ve seen from MLB and the Jays, this one is a major flop. And what a terrible way to promote our slugger in the USA.

  9. @smk73 well played.

  10. Quite possibly the worst commercial MLB has ever released…poor Jose

  11. Thought it was kind of funny….and I didnt really expect an oscar performance from Jose. Also this isnt a commercial is it, I thought it was just a promotion

  12. It was a random promotion for MLB and the Fan Cave. I thought it was kind of funny. And certainly nice to see some Jays getting time in the spotlight!

  13. If you want to see a better commercial of Bautista, go to this link of his new commercial with Booster Juice on

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