It’s somewhat reassuring to know that Ozzie Guillen’s NSFW language isn’t reserved for merely talking about his own team.

Warning: Please ensure your morning coffee isn’t in your mouth when Guillen is asked about Buck Martinez.

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  1. Awesome.. Ozzie is the best!

    Buck’s also not a good play by play commentator… way too many blunders.

  2. That was awesome. When Ozzie retires or most likely gets fired down the road, how fun would he be as a colour commentator for baseball games.

  3. That was awesome.

    @Mullet, I don’t think anyone wants to hear that much beeping during a game. It’d be like listening to morse code when the home team is losing.

  4. Haha like when he referred to the White Sox as the Red Sox last night during the game. Or maybe that was Tabby. It doesn’t matter, they deserve each other in the booth….. lol

  5. (I was surprised Ozzie didn’t mention the Hair!)

  6. I wish there wasn’t a 5 second delay b/w the radio broadcast and the game on TV, otherwise i’d be listening to Ashby & Howarth full time.

  7. That’s why I love Ozzie, he keeps it real in a world where everyone is so politically correct, it’s refreshing to see.

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