Hockey Night In Las Vegas

It’s nice to see the Canadian contingent at Triple A Las Vegas supporting our national anthem and pastime tonight (assuming we’ve stopped trying to keep lacrosse away from the frat boy douche bag segment of Division 1 schools), but Brett Lawrie may have gone a bit too far by wearing John Candy’s left hand.

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  1. must admit, I laughed

  2. Snider eating a freezie?

  3. Shouldn’t he be putting some ice on that?

  4. I believe everyone should do what they feel is appropriate during the playing of the anthem… BUT… hand-over-heart is not the accepted practice for O Canada. That’s an American thang.

  5. Lawrie is totally THAT guy.

  6. his left hand is HUGE

  7. funny how only 1 guy knows where his heart is

  8. Before I looked at it a little closer, I thought Travis was smoking a tiny bong.

  9. I think Travis is having a yogurt tube.

  10. Freezies Don’t Clash

  11. Snider’s photobomb is the best part of this picture. Freezies don’t clash, indeed!

    On a side note, is the hand over heart during the anthem an American thing? I’m always the tool who puts his cap over his heart during national anthems at the Rogers Centre.

  12. @dougiejays We should spread this rumour. Freezie my ass! Totally hitting the bong with old edward 40hands standing beside him.

  13. I’m surprised Lawrie opted for the Henrik jersey. I figured he’d be more of a Kesler man.

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