Jose Bautista Is Popular

Attention baseball fans: please take the time to extend your arm and give yourself a nice little pat on the back.

There’s a Major League Baseball player whose 4.9 wins above replacement is 1.8 better than any batter in the game. He’s getting on base in more than 50% of his plate appearances while leading the league in home runs. And you have done the right thing by making Jose Bautista the current top vote getter for the 2011 All-Star Game by choosing the Blue Jays right fielder on 1,261,659 different ballots.

Also, I’m fairly certain he feels regretful about behaving like a clown earlier this week. (You probably thought I meant this one, didn’t you?)

Anyway, before you do anything else with that extended arm of yours involving self congratulating, I’ve got a couple bones to pick. Most notably, my beef is with the rest of the American League ballots that allowed Derek Jeter to take a 250,000 vote lead over the next shortstop, Asdrubal Cabrera. And as much as I respect Mark Teixeira, you’ve got to be kidding me by giving votes to him over Miguel Cabrera or Adrian Gonzalez.

Because I’m a nice guy, I’ve compared the top vote getter at each position in each league with the WAR leader at that same position according to FanGraphs. The vote leader is on the left, the WAR leader is to his right.

American League

  • Catcher: Russell Martin NYY (1.8 WAR) vs. Russell Martin NYY (1.8 WAR)
  • First Base: Mark Teixeira NYY (1.8 WAR) vs. Miguel Cabrera DET (2.0 WAR)
  • Second Base: Robinson Cano NYY (1.4 WAR) vs. Howie Kendrick LAA (2.9 WAR)
  • Third Base: Alex Rodriguez NYY (2.1 WAR) vs. Alex Rodriguez NYY (2.1 WAR)
  • Shortstop: Derek Jeter NYY (0.5 WAR) vs. Alexei Ramirez CWS (2.6 WAR)
  • Outfield: Jose Bautista TOR (4.9 WAR) vs. Jose Bautista TOR (4.9 WAR)
  • Outfield: Curtis Granderson NYY (3.0 WAR) vs. Matt Joyce TBR (3.1 WAR)
  • Outfield: Josh Hamilton TEX (0.7 WAR) vs. Curtis Granderson NYY (3.0 WAR)
  • Designated Hitter: Michael Young TEX (1.5 WAR) vs. David Ortiz (1.5 WAR)

I wonder if MLB gets a lot of votes from the New York area.

National League

  • Catcher: Buster Posey SFG (1.7 WAR) vs. Chris Iannetta COL  (1.9 WAR)
  • First Base: Albert Pujols STL (1.1 WAR) vs. Joey Votto CIN (2.8 WAR)
  • Second Base: Brandon Phillips CIN (1.8 WAR) vs. Rickie Weeks MIL (2.4 WAR)
  • Third Base: Placido Polanco PHI (2.0 WAR) vs. Placido Polanco PHI (2.0 WAR)
  • Shortstop: Troy Tulowitzki COL (1.9 WAR) vs. Jose Reyes NYM (2.9 WAR)
  • Outfield: Ryan Braun MIL (2.7 WAR) vs. Ryan Braun MIL (2.7 WAR)
  • Outfield: Matt Holliday STL  (2.4 WAR) vs. Matt Holliday STL  (2.4 WAR)
  • Outfield: Lance Berkman STL (2.3 WAR) vs. Colby Rasmus STL (2.4 WAR)

The St. Louis Cardinals might have some good outfielders on their roster.