We have a slew of Legitimate Baseball Posts planned today. For now, we offer this talented young lady: Victoria Secret “Angel” Doutzen Kroes, who threw out the ceremonial first pitch ahead of last night’s Jays – Clevelands tilt at the Rogers Centre.

The Indians put the tried and true “defense gets girls” axiom to the test with their play, unfortunately it could not trump the “girls don’t like racist logos” truism. Join us below the jump for a higher res. pro shot of Ms. Kroes in a Jays jersey, making it barely/a little bit worthy of appearing on this baseball site for shut-in nerds.

Images courtesy of twitter, Model Candids, impeccable genes and, presumably, yoga.

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  1. Pretty, pretty girl. I dunno if you saw the pics of her with Patterson and Davis, who looked both thrilled and small next to her. She also got tips from Romero on pitching. He is used to pretty girls.

  2. well that’s just wonderful.

  3. Girls who have “be attractive” in the job description and Ricky Romero: FLOCKING LIKE BEES TO A HIVE.

  4. That’s one attractive lady

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